New and renewing members must accept the Club Rules and these terms…

This is evidenced by ticking a box when first applying and renewing membership:

  • All members are bound by the Club Rules (click to download);
  • Guest Fees – There are no court fees for playing members but there is a court fee for guests. If you wish to bring a guest, they must be signed in the guest book  and fees (£5 per adult and £3 per junior) deposited in the “Guest Fees” honesty box before play (both are located next to the “floodights” switch panel. The same visitor can only play at the club 3 times in the membership year. PLEASE REMEMBER: NO GUESTS Mon/Wed/Thu 7-9pm or Sat/Sun 10 am to 12pm;
  • Floodlights can be used free of charge and are available until 21:00 on courts 1-4. Please remember to turn off the floodlights after use;
  • Correct tennis attire and in particular tennis shoes must be worn;
  • One hour rule: Court time is limited to 1 hour if the courts are full and people are waiting to play. This applies to box league matches but not for Club Tournament or Surrey LTA matches. Please be considerate and keep waiting players informed;
  • Please can all members (and their guests) show consideration to other players and be respectful of neighbouring houses whilst playing, keeping noise to a minimum and avoiding profanity;
  • Adult Members take precedence over Juniors on court after 7pm on weekdays;
  • Tennis balls: Members should provide their own tennis balls although tubes can be purchased for £5 each if the bar is open. Tennis balls are provided at social sessions;
  • Members are encouraged to apply for British Tennis Membership (BTM) on the LTA website. BTM is free to GLTC members and Members should select GLTC as a “Venue to Play”. LTA dues (included in Full Members’ subscriptions) are passed directly to the Lawn Tennis Association and bring various benefits to the Club, including reduced fee consultation, allocation of All England tournament tickets each year and entry to the Sunday League inter-club competitions;
  • Wimbledon Ticket Ballot: You will only be eligible to participate in the club’s Wimbledon Ticket Ballot if you have a BTM membership and you have opted in to the ballot annually by the deadline (normally in February);
  • Liability: “Neither the Club nor any officer thereof shall be liable to any member or guest of a member or any other person for any loss of or damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the Club premises; nor for any injury sustained by any member or guest or any other person whilst on or entering or leaving the Club premises”;
  • Shares: Friendly Society regulations state that each adult member (aged 18 or over) should hold one share in the Club. The £1 share has applied since the Club was registered as a Friendly Society in 1928. To adjust share subscription to current values, all new adult members and fulltime students must purchase at least ten shares of £1-00 each when joining the Club. The maximum that may be purchased by any one member is £1,000. Shares must be purchased in multiples of ten, ie. £10-00, £20-00 etc. Any member may purchase additional shares at any time by applying in writing to the Club. No interest, dividend or bonus shall be payable on any share;
  • Any Member who ceases to be a Member of the Club for whatever reason can within two years of the date of cessation return his/her shares in the Club to the Secretary who will arrange a refund of the amount subscribed less any subscriptions or other payments due to the Club. The shares of a Member which have not been returned to the Secretary pursuant to the foregoing shall be forfeited to the Club and any amount then due to the Member in respect of such share shall thereupon become the property of the Club.