Responsible for all tennis – email them at

Their Responsibilities

The Committee has delegated a number of specific responsibilities to the Tennis Sub Committee who report back the Committee which is contained in a Terms of Reference document (see below).  These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    • The organisation of social sessions, American tournaments and box leagues;
  • Team Tennis including the booking of courts for matches and coaching;
  • The annual club tournament;
  • Court etiquette;
  • Rules for waiting and guests at busy times including oversight of the guest book and payment of guest fees;
  • Maintaining court equipment (e.g. nets, umpires chairs and scoreboards);
  • The purchase of, and ensuring an adequate supply of, tennis balls;
  • Welcoming new members and prospective new members;
  • Managing any complaints from members about any aspect of the above responsibilities.

ToR Tennis Sub-Committee

Current Members

  • Christine Meilak – Chair;
  • Julie Leadbeater – Women’s Captain
  • Richard Jervis – Men’s Captain;
  • Warren Parker;
  • Sarah Hickling;
  • Duncan McCrae;
  • Bruce McNeil;
  • Moira Slevin;
  • Jane Turner;
  • Pete Warren-Lavis.