Follow a few simple rules and show respect to your fellow members – here’s how…

ONE HOUR LIMIT: At busy times (i.e. whenever members are waiting to play) play on any court is restricted to ONE HOUR. If after playing for an hour (including warm up) there are members waiting to play you must vacate the court and wait for other courts to become available before resuming.

This applies to box league matches but does not apply to official Surrey League team matches or matches in the club’s annual tournament (May to July).

  • PLEASE REMEMBER: Guests (i.e. non-members) must be signed in using the book located near the floodlights box on the veranda and fee paid BEFORE PLAY (£5 per adult and £3 for U18s). The same guest can only visit THREE times per year.
  • NO GUESTS policy between the following times:
    • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 7pm and 9pm;
    • Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10am and 12pm (midday);
    • Guests may not occupy courts during these times if members are waiting on the balcony (play by guests during this time is at members’ and their guests’ risk).

Other court rules are as follows:

  1. If all courts are in use when you arrive please wait on the balcony for a court to become available;
  2. Before proceeding onto court check whether anybody else is queuing;
  3. Please ensure appropriate tennis shoes and attire are worn on court at all times;
  4. Please be considerate when crossing the courts and wait until a natural break in play to safely get to the far courts:
    • Do not start to walk down the steps onto Court 1 until played has stopped;
    • Move as quickly as possible minimising delays and disruption to players, travel as a group rather than one at a time;
    • Players – try to be aware when players are crossing courts to avoid groups having to wait between courts to progress;
  5. Published club coaching sessions (i.e. on the website calendar) take priority on court 4;
  6. During club social tennis sessions members should be prepared to mix in to play Men’s, Ladies’ and mixed doubles with whoever is present. At the end of one set players come off court to mix up with those waiting to play;
  7. Club socials take priority on all 6 courts except during the club tournament when courts 5&6 can be used for matches;
  8. Adult members have priority after 7pm (if members are waiting, junior U16 members must vacate the court);
  9. Please turn off the floodlights when you come off court if the lighting is no longer required;
  10. Offensive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion from the Club – please treat all your fellow members with respect.
  11. Operating hours 08:00 – 21:00.  No play before 08:00 in the mornings please.