Member interested in singles play? Consider joining our Box Leagues.  Each series last approximately 5-6 weeks offering participants the chance to play 3-4 other members (hopefully of a similar ability).  Matches are played over two sets with a Championship Tie-Break deciding the winner at one set all.

To join the next series or withdraw temporarily due to an injury etc. please email Perry Stimpson on or call him on 07904 079339.  Perry will ensure your entry into the next box league series.

The log in page is HERE.

To view the current positions of the latest series click HERE and select the green button Leagues just below the text “Public Pages”

NEW –  We have now started a Junior Box League programme which will run in exactly the same format as the adult box leagues. Matches will be played over 12 games so each match will generally not take longer than an hour. The score in the match could be anything from 12 -0 to 6 all and decided on a tie break.

Initial seedings/gradings will be based on how long your child has been playing tennis for and after a couple of series the children will find their appropriate level.

In order to join we are looking for children aged 10-16 and they must be able to serve on a normal sized tennis court and understand how to score.  All children under sixteen can join for free as a linked member to an Adult membership, please contact the Membership Secretary at if you have any questions about membership.