Club Tournament

The club hosts an annual tournament, between May and July, and all members are encouraged to participate. There are 5 categories: Men’s and Ladies’ Singles (with first round losers competing for the Men’s and Ladies’ Plates) and Men’s and Ladies’ and Mixed doubles. Entries are invited via the membership website when membership is renewed in March/April and organisers are happy to pair you with a doubles partner if you don’t nominate anyone.

Surrey LTA Club Leagues

Currently we enter five men’s and three ladies’ teams who play in the Winter and Summer Leagues and three Mixed teams in the Summer only. Selection is based on both merit and commitment and all standards are catered for as much as possible.  If you wish to play for the teams in the first instance speak to a committee member or the Club Coach, Keith Brogan, or any of the team captains below:

Men’s Teams:

Men’s Captain: James Quamina – Email

1s – Robert Caganau  
2s – Duncan McCrae
3s – Charlie Bostock
4s – Cyril Mendi
5s – Andrew O’Donnell

Ladies’ Teams:

Ladies’ Captain: Christine Meilak – Email

1s – Sarah Hickling
2s – Kate Medhurst
3s –  Yasmin Walls
4s – Cindy MacDonald
5s – Rebecca Devlin

Mixed Teams (Summer only):

1s – Moira Slevin
2s – Sarah Hickling
3s – Kate Medhurst

Box Leagues – Singles

For members wishing to play singles, the box league system groups four or five members ensure you get at least three competitive matches to play over a period of approximately 6 weeks. Finish top (or bottom) of the box and be promoted (relegated). Member, Perry Stimpson co-ordinates the Box League via this website. To participate in the next box league series email Perry ASAP.

American Tournaments

These are fun tournaments lasting a few hours and are held several times a year. A handicap scoring system gives most players a chance of winning and these are an excellent way to meet new members.

External Surrey LTA Competitive opportunities  

Finally check out the Surrey LTA website for further singles and doubles competitive play opportunities. At last glance, there were over 20 events available for adults and 8 for juniors as well as a Mini Tennis Junior League and the Little Hitters League. Other LTA initiatives also exist e.g.