A Sub-Committee (DEVCOM2) has been appointed to progress the project. The first priority is a feasibility study of Refurbishment Plus (target date 2Q 2018).

DEVCOM2 members confirmed so far are:

  • Ian Childs (Chair of DEVCOM2)
  • Charlie Donald
  • Jackie Valin (Chair of The Committee)

Click HERE for DEVCOM2’s Terms of Reference

Minutes of DEVCOM2 meetings (click to open in new window)

Chronology of events since 2014

  • July 2014 – DEVCOM(1) formed to investigate alternate options for clubhouse redevelopment;
  • Oct 2016 – DEVCOM(1) issues its Final Report;
  • Apr 2017 – Members approve voting methodology to determine the Preferred Option;
  • May 2017 – the winning concept is Refurbishment Plus
  • July 2017 – The Committee appoints DEVCOM2 to confirm the feasibility and develop the concept of the Preferred Option.