Here you can read all about the progress of the Sub-Committee (DEVCOM2) which was appointed to progress clubhouse redevelopment.DEVCOM2 was convened in 2017 with the following Terms of Reference HERE . The first priority was a feasibility study of the members’ “Preferred Option”, Refurbishment Plus (target date 2Q 2018).

DEVCOM2 members are as follows:

  • Ian Childs (Chair of DEVCOM2) – from July 2017, resigned August 2019
  • Charlie Donald – from July 2017
  • Jackie Valin (Chair of The Committee) – from July 2017
  • Nigel Tabbron (from March 2019)
  • Joe Meilak (from February 2020)
  • Orestis Tzortzoglou (from February 2020)
  • Warren Parker (from February 2020)

Minutes of DEVCOM2 meetings (click to open in new window)

Chronology of events since 2014

Expenditure on Clubhouse Redevelopment 2013 to 2020 (as at August 2020)