Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is an exciting group fitness product licensed from the USA, it’s for men, women and basically everybody who wants to be fit and trim in a fun and social workout. It’s described as an alternative for those people who don’t like the gym and want to exercise outside. Move to the beat of up tempo music (research shows people work 15% harder if music is played!) and you burn an average of 600 calories in a session. Benefits include losing weight and improving your tennis.

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Classes are held on Saturday morning at 11 am £6 and on Tuesday at 7pm till 8 pm (for an introductory £3 for members & non members £6) – just turn-up or text 07905769230 to reserve a place. Keith Brogan, Head Coach “There is a lot of health benefits for exercise but this is really fun. Personally, I burn 600 calories and more in a session but it will depend on your gender, weight and age as to how many you burn.” The idea is to keep in your heart rate zone either using manual pulse checks or a heart rate monitor which I recommend”. See you on court! Below is a heart rate guide so you know where you should be working in relation to you age and a health form to self screen or give to your GP before participating if you have any doubts as to your suitability.


“I just rave about how good cardio is to my friends – brilliant” Cindy