The Facilities Sub-Committee is responsible for the organisation, administration and maintenance of the facilities at The Gardens.  If you have any suggestions to improve things, or think that something is not right, then please contact us at 


  1. Orestis Tzortzoglou (Chair and Committee Member)
  2. Tony McConnell (Committee Member);
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Their Responsibilities

The Committee has delegated a number of specific responsibilities to the Entertainments Sub Committee, who report back the Committee, which is contained in a Terms of Reference document (see below).  These include, but are not necessary limited to:

  • Decoration of the clubhouse (internal and external);
  • Ensuring all facilities are in a good state of working order (e.g. kitchen, bar and washrooms)**;
  • The barbeque, verandah and outside chairs and tables;
  • Lighting, TVs and sound and security systems;
  • Managing and stocking the bar;
  • Handling of tenant relationships and hiring of cleaners;
  • Managing any complaints from members about any aspect of the above responsibilities.

ToR Facilities Sub-Committee