Learn about the volunteers elected at the AGM to manage the club. The 2019/20 Committee is as follows:

  1. Jackie Valin (Chair) – Email
  2. Juliet Childs (Honorary Secretary) – Email
  3. Rachel Wards (Honorary Treasurer) – Email
  4. Christine Meilak (Women’s Captain) – Email
  5. James Quamina (Men’s Captain) – Email
  6. Sarah Joubert (Membership Secretary) – Email
  7. Tony McConnell (Bar Manager);
  8. Orestis Tzortzoglou (Facilities Manager);
  9. Warren Parker;
  10. Charlie Donald;
  11. Joe Meilak.

More about your Committee

The club rules state that the Committee must consist of 4 officers of the club: Men’s and Women’s Captains, the Hon. Secretary and the Treasurer plus between 7 and 20 other members who need not have any specific role. The current committee structure has 11 named positions as follows:

The Committee meets 5-6 times a year. All Committee members are expected to attend meetings and to be involved in strategic decisions about the running of the club. We want to use the wealth of expertise and experience we have amongst the membership so if you have specific professional skills that may be of benefit or simply be a member of long-standing who would like to be involved in strategic decision-making about the club’s future please speak to one of the Committee.

*All Committee members have an equal voice in the decision making of the committee and, if any decisions require a vote, each Committee member’s vote is worth as much as any other.

Terms of Reference for the Committee are as follows:

ToR for GLTC Committee

Committee Minutes

Jan 2020 GLTC Committee Minutes 20Jan20 DRAFT

Dec 2019 GLTC Committee Minutes 10Dec19

Sep 2019 GLTC Committee Minutes 23Sep2019

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Jun 2019 GLTC Committee Minutes 10Jun19

Mar 2019 GLTC Committee Minutes 11Mar19

Jan 2019 GLTC Committee Minutes 21Jan19

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