1. To enter the tournament you must be a member of the club and available to play on Finals Day, 20th July 2019.
  2. If you enter the tournament and subsequently find out you are not available on 20th July, you must inform the organisers and scratch from all competitions immediately.
  3. All matches consist of three sets: two tie-break sets and one perpetual set.
  4. If you lose your first match in singles you are automatically entered into the plate competitions.
  5. All matches must be played by the round date.
  6. If you have attempted to contact your opponents to set up the match but have no response, please contact the organisers.
  7. Failure to play your match by the round date will result in both parties being scratched.
  8. You are responsible for filling in your own scores on – please do so promptly so that the draw is not held up unnecessarily.
  9. You must provide your own balls. They are available to buy in the bar at £5/tube.
  10. Courts 1 to 4 must not be used for tournament matches during club sessions. Please use your common sense. If you schedule a match to start within one hour of the start of a club session, the odds are you will not complete it before the club session starts. Use courts 5 and 6.