The Committee has submitted a planning application for floodlights.

As communicated to members at our AGM in March (and to the Gardens’ Residents Association) we are progressing our ambition to install floodlights on courts 5 and 6.

The full application (Ref: 2018/4994) can be accessed via the Wandsworth Council planning website HERE  but for those members who just require a brief summary the following documents may be useful:

GLTC Planning Statement

Lights and Access Statement


The Committee have once again frozen the membership (and continue to deny guests of members and juniors to play under floodlights after 7pm on non-social weekday evenings). Even with these measures in place four floodlight courts only allow a maximum of 16 players at any one time and possible less if box league singles play is in progress and waiting is now commonplace and play restricted perhaps to just 60 minutes. An additional two floodlight courts would reduce, possibly eliminate, waiting times and allow us to accept new members and the additional revenue would support further improvements to club facilities (e.g. clubhouse refurbishment).

Improved technology

The good news for our neighbours surrounding courts 5 and 6 is that technology has moved on considerably since we installed the floodlights on courts 1 to 4 with less spill into residents’ gardens and the ability to switch the proposed LED lights off when not being used (unlike the current ones due to the problem of overheating). If we are successful with this planning application the Committee hopes the additional revenue we will be able to generate will allow us to upgrade the floodlights on the remaining courts to LED for the benefit of neighbours surrounding those courts.

The Committee has spent over £4,000 on a lighting survey and specialised advice to support the application which will see a council decision date on 17 December 2018.

UPDATE: The application has been referred to the Planning Committee who will meet in January 2019.